Sunday, March 29, 2015

Jelly Moons

Start should be easy and smooth. I am sharing the simplest but look wise amazing dish which can be served as anytime dessert, the same age old Rasgullas with some twist.

Jelly Moons


1 pkt Jelly (Red Coloured)
6 Nos Rasgulla (sponge Chhena Rasgulla)


Prepare jelly as per instruction given on the box.

Squeeze Rasgulla a little.

Put the Rasgulla in the serving bowl.

Pour jelly in bowl.

Cool set and serve.

You can use Rasgulla as a whole or cut in halves as per your choice.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Welcome friends

This is my first post to my  food blog.The idea of starting my food blog is not only to share experiences and recipes  but also my thoughts on healthy food and healthy eating. Another thought for starting the blog is to share pictures of dishes, I usually make at home.My aim is to encourage readers to step out of comfort zone and try out different things as a means of  celebrating  the wide variety that exists for food. I will try to incorporate traditional Indian recipes as well as  recipes from other countries but yes vegetarian dishes only. I would love to make good food part of every ones family life. You may also find here some twists in some of the authentic dishes to make them more acceptable or healthier.