About me

Rachana Dixit

Nutritionist, Health food consultant, Food Blogger, Food photographer & Food stylist

I get immense pleasure in cooking since childhood. My love for food remained still strong. Now I have started re-exploring my love for food and share with the rest of the world wholesome healthy recipes and ways to be happy and healthy which will leave foodies asking for more. Here you will see loads of fun including healthy recipes to tantalize your taste buds or treat your family. Here you may find recipes that are grain free, gluten free, dairy free or sugar free etc. Be ready to have some fun and be sure to get yourselves into the scene. I will welcome whole heart your comments and suggestions and questions here or any topic which you find to be important for you and covered in this blog. If you have any tip or anything you might want to add to any of my post please comment or let me know through email.

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